Step Sheets for the 22nd Wisconsin Country Dance Workshop.
October 7th, 2023

-Line Dances-
Came Here to Drink {Jamie Marshall} Taught by: Paul & Sharon Hergert
Glass of Wine {Marlene Jakobsen} Taught by: John & Freida

-Partner Dances-
2 Cold Beer {Michael Schimdt} Taught by: Paul & Sharon
Keep It Simple {Paula Frohn} Taught by: Irene & Mike

-Line/Partner Dances-
(L/P) Tina's Waltz {Russ Collier} Taught by: Irene & Mike

(L) Thank God For The Radio {Shirley Kurniawati} Taught by: John & Freida
(P) Thank God For The Radio {Utzig} Taught by: John & Freida

(L) Adventure At Sea {Sarah Preston Britto } Taught by: Irene & Mike
(P) Sea 2 Sea {Sarah Preston Britto} Taught by: Irene & Mike

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